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Satellite Flexo Press

Time: 4/19/2020 9:43:52 AM Views: 617

The satellite flexo press is sometimes used as a shared impression cylinder flexo press. Each printing unit is mounted between two wall panels around a common impression cylinder. The printing material is printed on the common impression cylinder for color printing. Because the gear is directly driven, whether it is paper or film, even if no special control device is installed, the overprinting can be accurate, and the printing process is stable, and it is commonly used to print color products. It has been predicted that satellite flexo printing will be the new mainstream of flexography in the 21st century.

The main disadvantages are:

(1) Waiting for the printing machine once, only one-sided printing can be completed. Although the other side can be printed by the guide roller, since the tape is too long, the tensile deformation is increased and uneven, and it is very difficult to achieve double-sided printing image registration. Therefore, in the satellite type flexographic printing machine, a film material is generally used, and after printing, it is longitudinally heat-sealed to form a package bag having a pattern on both sides.

(2) The distance between each printing unit is too short, and it is easy to smear when the ink is poorly dried. The UV and UV/EB flexo inks developed in recent years can be instantly dried by UV or UV/EB illumination after printing, which basically solves the problem of smudging.