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XIANGHUAI is a professional production of printing machinery manufacturers


Printing Machinery Manufacturer

Hangzhou Xianghuai Machinery Technology CO., LTD. has been committed to R&D,manufacture and technical services of the high speed flexo printing machines,industrial robots and so on intelligent manufacture equipment since the date of establishment.The company takes high-end technology research and development and the core technical team’s building as the core competitiveness of enterprises.The enterprise development goal is direct competition with the most advanced automated foreign machinery companies and it has gradually become the leading elite in domestic packaging, printing, new high-end special equipment industry.
In 2015, the company launched a comprehensive strategic cooperation with the Canada technical returnees team “DAS”,applying its advanced automation control system into whole product development procedures, which made the company's development reach a new milestone. AISENSE series CI type flexo printing machine,high speed stack type flexo printing machine,napkin paper CI type flexo printing and folding machine have been launched into the market.