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The Development Potential Of Satellite Flexo Printing Press Is Huge

Time: 4/19/2020 9:43:52 AM Views: 598

  In the flexographic printing model,the unit type and the satellite type flexographic printing press are the most important models,among which the satellite type flexographic printing press has the highest market penetration in Europe and the United States.

  Currently, China's daily packaging market growth was climbing trend,full potential,while the growth of flexible packaging, lable carton pre-printed and other fields.Want to enter the hottest packaging printing market. Having a weapon is essential. Satellite type flexible printing press can be said that these are all kinds of printing market all- around players.

  In the carton pre-printed, the use of wide satellite-type flexographic printing presses printed pre-printed cartons, the overprint accurate,small color, bright color,rich layers. As the pressure is uniform and slight,not corrugated board Leng type impact,so regardless of the field,lines or text printing,quality can be guaranteed.As the Leng type compression is small,so the carton high strength,good flatness,no deformation.

  In the flexible packaging,the satellite-type flexographic printing press in the printing process using a soft polymer resin version,plate-making cycle is short.

  So far, China has 20 or so width of 12m below the satellite-based flexographic printing press in use, all imported equipment from abroad.Deyang Daily has a width of 1.2m satellite-based flexible printing press,mainly used for printing Tsingtao Brewery,Budweiser beer carton; Shanghai International Paper,Shandong Quanlin Paper imports from Germany were in the range and Wide satellite-type flexible printing press for milk roof package and composite paper bag printing.Dalian big promise is the use of three satellite-based flexographic printing presses printed milk packaging; Hainan Modern Color Printing CO.,Ltd will be dedicated to the printing of the plastic packaging bag.