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What Are The Market Advantages Of Non-wovens Printing Press

Time: 4/19/2020 9:43:52 AM Views: 595

1.Non-woven printing machine transmission mode is the use of conveyor belt drive, not only to avoid the transfer of fabric in the tensile and displacement problems, but also effectively prevent some manufacturers because of direct stretching non-woven fabrics exist a variety of drawbacks.
2.Non-woven printing press to achieve the traditional printing presses can not do a number of color printing,and its feeding device and the receiving device are equipped with a correction system, in the process of feeding and feeding can automatically deviate from the problem the correction.
3. Non-woven printing machine oven system using a straight tunnel-type baking form, you can achieve fast,direct,energy-saving effect.And each section of the temperature control part of the oven are used in a separate control and switch, according to the requirements of baking, the temperature of each oven for a good control.