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Tissue Paper Printing

Time: 4/19/2020 9:43:52 AM Views: 598

Flexographic printing, as a printing method in line with future environmental protection needs, has been applied more and more widely in packaging in recent years, such as labels, folding cartons, soft packaging and cartons.But when it comes to flexo printing application in paper towel series products, domestic also little-known, reason mainly has two aspects: one is domestic flexo printing process started relatively late abroad, also has the very big disparity in the aspect of marketing, and equipment use;Second, differences in consumer culture, paper towels in the west is a broad thick design theme, artistic appeal, beautifully printed napkin can be used in different occasions, such as Christmas, children's day to launch series of fairy tales, at the same time, it is also a kind of economical personalized advertising form, which are common in restaurant or hotel.As people life style to develop in the direction of personalized and fashionable, personalized tissue has become a trend nowadays and trends, such as wedding, party or company annual special anniversary will often use specially designed paper towel products, therefore, tissue development velocity of printing in the past few years is quite fast.