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Flexographic Label Printing In China's Fate

Time: 4/19/2020 9:43:52 AM Views: 610

With the improvement of the national economy, the rapid development of packaging decoration printing, self-adhesive label has higher requirement on the quality of its users, and now the non-drying label printing plate mostly using solid resin version, use common ink or UV ink, ink printing way belongs to toppan forms, although it had many advantages, such as ink full of live is restricted, but the printing network normally only 133 line/inch, cannot satisfy the non-drying label users to print more and more high quality requirements, and flexible printing is widely adopted in current international printing a new type of printing process,Its packaging decoration printing industry in the United States has reached 70%, the proportion of the printing machine has the advantage of simple structure, low cost, the printing quality can be comparable to offset, gravure, and possesses the advantages of offset printing has no ink layer thick; It use water-based ink, do not pollute the environment, even some developed countries legislation for food, pharmaceutical packaging label must be use flexo  printing.


At present in domestic imports of flexographic printing machine has more than 150 sets, the domestic high-grade logo printed unit type flexographic printing machine also has dozens of Taiwan into the domestic market, specially for the dry glue label printing cascading narrow flexographic printing machine also has more than a dozen, but because of flexographic printing machine generally adopts circle pressure circle die-cutting, however domestic temporarily unable to process circle pressure circle die cutting knife, and the price is high, the cycle is long, only apply to the long printing plate, and due to the flexo printing machine's high automation program, price is too high,At the moment, it is not accepted by the domestic non-label printing factory, so that flexo printing adhesive label is limited.


However, flexo printing with its high quality printing is called "green printing" advantages will become the future development trend of adhesive label printing.


For domestic manufacturers of adhesive label printing machines, more efforts should be made on the flexo printing press to make it flexible and convenient.In addition, the research and development of the domestic rotary die-cutting tool should be carried out as soon as possible, so as to make the manufacturing cycle short and the price low, so as to further promote the development of the flexible printing of adhesive label in China.