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Know These Commonly Used Ink AIDS, Can Solve Many Printing Problems

Time: 4/19/2020 9:43:52 AM Views: 558

Ink AIDS are used to adjust the ink to different printing conditions.Ink additives is a lot of more phyletic, there are usually used adhesive, pulled light agent, desiccant, slow dry agent, diluent, abrasive resistance, light oil, ceng dirty agent, ink, oil, etc., the following simple introduction to the role of common ink additives and their usage.


Withdrawal adhesive

Adhesive remover has a small viscosity and is generally used for lithography and offset printing ink to reduce its viscosity.In offset printing, due to the change of the performance of paper and printing conditions, such as positive and negative oil absorption, surface strength, coating conditions fall phenomenon, when the desiccant or excessive printing workshop at room temperature is too low, will cause the paper hair, heap printing edition, paste version, such as failure, affect the quality of the printing quality.Therefore, when the above phenomenon occurs, can add the appropriate amount of adhesive remover, can play a role of weakening, eliminate the above fault.


From light agent

Dewatering agent is also known as the diluent, is the offset printing in a larger amount of the auxiliary agent.There are two kinds of common thinners: one is transparent oil, used for bright ink;The first is a resin type of desalting agent, used in resin ink.If the ink color is found too deep in printing to restore the original manuscript, the appropriate amount of diluent can be added to achieve the desired effect.



Desiccant is one of the most important printing ink additives.According to the printing conditions and printing paper, the amount, type and use of desiccant are also different.The commonly used desiccant is red dry oil, white dry oil two kinds, red dry oil is dry from outside to inside, white bath oil is dry inside and outside at the same time.The type of drying oil should be selected according to the drying requirements and ink color of printing products.The dosage of general dry oil is 2% - 3%, too much can be contrary, make dry rate drops.


Slow dry agent

Anti - desiccant is also called anti - oxidant, which is a kind of ink additives as opposed to desiccant.In the printing process, due to various reasons will often cause downtime, when the downtime is longer, the ink will dry skin.In order to solve this kind of problem, it is often necessary to add the right amount of desiccant to the ink on the machine and run the machine several times so that it does not dry too fast.



In printing ink viscosity is too large or paper quality is poor, often can produce paper hair, fall edition, such as failure, affect printing, at this time, in addition to add the right amount of withdrawal adhesive to reduce ink viscosity, also can add a small amount of thinner to reduce the viscosity of ink, printing smoothly.There are many kinds of thinner, generally low viscosity of no. 6 inking oil.


Abrasive resistance

Abrasive resistance is also called smooth agent, this kind of material is given priority to with wax material in this probably, in the printing ink particles coarser, such as white ink, gold and silver ink, adding suitable amount of abrasive resistance, increase the frictional resistance and smoothness of print.