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Flexo Printing Machine

Time: 5/13/2020 10:04:10 AM Views: 929

The high-end flexographic printing machine developed by the company is mainly used for printing flexible packaging materials such as film, web(paper roll) and non-woven fabric.Flexographic printing presses use environmentally friendly ink and resin printing methods,It will gradually solve the environmental protection problems in the printing industry, conform to the needs of the industry's high efficiency, environmental protection and green, and gradually promote the progress of the printing and packaging industry.

The high-end flexo printing machine developed by the company adopts domestic advanced automatic control technology,Collecting and unwinding control, tension control, color control in one,no longer use traditional third-party color registration technology, so that the whole machine control is more advanced, the operation is more stable, and the color registration is more precise,the whole machine control technology has reached a high level in China.Thanks to the use of efficient automatic control technology, the whole machine is very simple and fast, whether it is tension adjustment or color adjustment, which saves a lot of debugging materials and debugging time, and wins more economic benefits for customers.

Application industry: flexible packaging industry such as film, web, non-woven fabric, woven bag, napkin, etc.